Our Offices

Cornell Graduate School Staff

Our 23 full-time staff support 5,300 graduate and professional students in nearly 100 fields of study, ranging from aerospace engineering to zoology and wildlife management. 

Deans Office

The Graduate School deans, in consultation with the General Committee of the Graduate School, establish policies for all graduate fields and administer resources in support of graduate education. The deans also help resolve student conflicts, administer the grievance procedures, approve nominations to the graduate faculty, assist with emergency loans for graduate students, guide faculty in the establishment of new graduate fields and programs, travel in support of student recruitment, and conduct activities in support of underrepresented minority graduate students.


Big Red Barn Graduate and Professional Student Center (BRB)

Located in the center of campus, the Big Red Barn is the heart of student life for graduate and professional students, hosting more than 200 events per year, including the ever-popular TGIF (Tell Grads It’s Friday), International Conversation Hour, Trivia Night, Nerd Nite, Pumpkin Carving, and the Second Chance Prom.


Career services for graduate and professional students are provided by a network of offices and resources across campus and online.  Cornell Career Services, located in Barnes Hall, serves students from across the university.  Colleges and professional programs offer additional resources.


Cornell University Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CU-CIRTL)

CU-CIRTL advances college science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education by preparing a national faculty capable of integrating superb research with excellence in teaching. As a member of the national CIRTL Network, Cornell University is one of 42 research universities collaborating to provide high-quality professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, with funding from the National Science Foundation.


Communications is responsible for raising the visibility of Cornell’s system of graduate education, building and supporting the graduate and professional student community, and developing internal communications to the graduate fields, faculty, and staff. Communications is responsible for this website as well as the following:

  • Graduate School Announcements (a weekly newsletter sent to all graduate and professional students)
  • Graduate School Newsletter (periodic newsletter sent to the extended graduate community)
  • You Belong (publication sent to admitted students)
  • Next Steps (series of newsletters sent to admitted students)
  • Consider Cornell (publication sent to prospective students)
  • Annual Report (archived reports available online)
  • Introduction to Graduate Study (orientation publication)
  • Media relations (in partnership with Cornell’s Press Office)


Office of Academic and Student Affairs

Under the guidance of Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Jan Allen, the Office of Academic and Student Affairs sponsors academic support programs, including the Three Minute Thesis competition, Thesis and Dissertation Boot Camps, and more.

Office of Graduate Student Life

The Office of Graduate Student Life serves as a coordinating hub of services that facilitate the student life experience at Cornell. In collaboration with partners at Cornell and beyond, the Office of Graduate Student Life promotes a culture that supports healthy and holistic student experiences by providing resources for academic support, assistance in navigating the educational program, referrals to campus services, support for personal development, and any other concerns that are impacting student ability to succeed.

Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement

The Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE) supports an inclusive and welcoming environment for all graduate and postdoctoral scholars. OISE promotes a climate of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and achievement, which are integral components of graduate and postdoctoral education.

Office of Student Services and Admissions

The Office of Student Services and Admissions coordinates the admission process, including establishing minimum requirements for admission and providing admission-related resources to prospective students. 

Office of Postdoctoral Studies

The Office of Postdoctoral Studies is aimed at helping postdoctoral scholars navigate Cornell, address potential challenges, and enjoy their time here.