Reports and Surveys

2016 New Graduate Student Survey Mini Report

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2015 New Graduate Student Survey

Methodology:  The New Graduate Student survey is administered yearly through Cornell's Survey Research Institute.  The 2015 survey was administered to 2,048 incoming students and resulted in 1,223 responses for a 61% response rate.
The surey asks a series of questions about the following:
  1. Reasons to Begin Graduate/Professional Program
  2. Sources of Information in Decision to Apply
  3. Other University Applied to
  4. Decision to Attend Cornell
  5. First Impressions of Student's Program
  6. Plans for After Completing Graduate Program



2015 Doctoral Experience Survey - At a Glance

Methodology:  The Graduate Student Doctoral Experience survey was administered by Cornell's Survey Research Institute.  The survey was administered to 2,393 students and resulted in 1,434 response for a 59.9% response rate.  Students needed to be active in their PhD, JSD, or DMA degree program for at least 4 semesters and expected to graduate greater than the date of the survey.  

The survey asked a series of questions about the following:

  1. Overall Experience
  2. Quality of Academic Program
  3. Advising and Mentoring
  4. Research Experiences
  5. Assistantships
  6. Professional Development
  7. Program and Campus Climates
  8. Resources and Services
  9. Obstacles to Academic Success.

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Doctoral Student Experience Assessment Report 2014

2014 Graduate Student Exit Survey

  • Methodology: The Graduate Student Exit survey was administered by Cornell's Survey Research Institute and completed by Fall 2013, Spring 2014, and Summer 2014 graduates earning a professional master's, research master's, or doctoral degree.  The survey asked a series of questions about 1) overall experience, 2) quality of the academic program, 3) advising and mentoring, 4) professional development, 5) program and campus climate, 6) resources and service, 7) learning outcomes, and 8) career plans immediately following graduation. The survey was administered to 2,503 graduates and resulted in 1,335 responses for a 53.4% response rate.