Field Metrics

To provide comprehensive information about advanced study at Cornell, the Graduate School is posting filterable data for several key areas: applications and yield, enrollment, attrition and completion, PhD outcomes and median time to degree, and job placement.  Reports are filterable by graduate degree type, broad discipline groups, and graduate fields of study.

Graduate Field Selectivity and Yield Over Five Years

The selectivity and yield view shows a five year trend for applicants, applicants who were offered admissions, and admitted students who completed all requirements to become students at Cornell (matriculants).  Discipline levels indicate how fields compare to their Cornell peer group.

Graduate Field Enrollment Profile Over Five Years

The field enrollment profile displays the number of new student enrollments versus the students who are returning for a second year and beyond. 


Graduate Field Assessment in PhD Attrition and Completion Rates by Percent or Count

The attrition and completion rate view summarizes the interval in which students within the most recent ten cohorts either complete their PhD degree (completion) or leave the academic program (attrition). The information within this view can be displayed as a percentage value of the overall cohort or by the student count. 


Graduate Field PhD Outcome and Median Time-To-Degree By Cohorts

A graphical representation of the last 10 entering cohorts broken down into groups of students who have left the program without a degree (attrition), have been awarded a degree (completion), and those who are currently enrolled in the academic program.Supplemental data charts include median time to degree over the last 10 entering cohorts in doctoral and master’s degree programs.


Graduate Field Job Placement Assessment

The job placement dashboard shows, in a graphical representation, a graduate student’s self-reported employment status and employment objectives at the time of graduation. This information is extracted from Graduation Manager and is voluntarily self-reported by the student.