Career Outcomes Survey


The Cornell Doctoral Alumni Career Outcomes Survey interactive report provides a cross-sectional view of the employment status and career-related perceptions of Cornell's doctoral alumni from degree years 1994 - 2014. The data were collected via Graduate School surveys and online searches of public websites (e.g., Linked-In, university websites, etc.)

During a three year period (2014, 2015, and 2016) the Graduate School surveyed doctoral alumni between 2 and 20 years post-degree. A total of 28% of those contacted responded to the survey. Employment and location information for an additional 40% of this population was found online. 

Results from the two sources (i.e., survey responses and online searches) are displayed in this report as applicable: employment and location information is drawn from both sources, while information on salaries and perceptions is based on survey responses only. 

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