Bill Bedell, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Student Spotlight: Bill Bedell

Bill Bedell's most recent research focus is on the systems biology of insect cells. He is one of six doctoral students who recently received a Commercialization Fellowship under the College of Engineering.

Annabelle Beaver, Animal Science
Student Spotlight: Annabelle Beaver

Animal Science graduate student student Annabelle Beaver is heading to the Netherlands on a Fulbright Fellowship to continue her research into Johne’s disease, a chronic and progressive enteritis in dairy cows and other ruminants.

Michelle Tong, Psychology
Student Spotlight: Michelle Tong

Michelle Tong received her doctorate in psychology this January and began a tenure-track position at a liberal arts college in Indiana this fall.

Jeffrey Wall, Natural Resources
Student Spotlight: Jeffrey Wall

Natural Resources graduate student Jeffrey Wall has received numerous grants, including a Fulbright, to conduct his research on the chestnut-utilizing communities of Turkey.

Eilis Monahan, Near Eastern Studies
Student Spotlight: Eilis Monahan

Near Eastern studies graduate student Eilis Monahan recently received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant and a Fulbright U.S. Student Fellowship to fund her dissertation research in Cyprus.

Joonsuk (Jon) Park, Computer Science
Student Spotlight: Joonsuk (Jon) Park

Joonsuk (Jon) Park earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science this spring and will begin a teaching position at Williams College this fall.

Sachi Horibata, Pharmacology
Student Spotlight: Sachi Horibata

This March, pharmacology Ph.D. student Sachi Horibata was named the winner of this year’s Three Minute Thesis competition for her work titled “PAD12 – New Approaches to Treating Breast Cancer.”

Kalia Bistolas, Microbiology
Student Spotlight: Kalia Bistolas

Microbiology graduate student Kalia Bistolas studies the ecology of viruses that infect aquatic microcrustaceans. She recently received a travel grant from the Graduate School to collect samples in Eastern Australia for her research needs.

Mariano Sanchez Talanquer, Government
Student Spotlight: Mariano Sanchez Talanquer

Government graduate student Mariano Sanchez Talanquer's dissertation focuses on the critical historical periods of state-building during the 20th century in Mexico and Colombia, which has involved several trips to these countries to gather necessary research.

Postdoc Rebecca Dyer
Postdoc Spotlight: Rebecca Dyer

Rebecca Dyer, a postdoctoral associate in psychology, conducts research that studies perceptions of blame and the interaction between perpetrator-blame and victim-blame.