Postdoc Rebecca Dyer
Postdoc Spotlight: Rebecca Dyer

Rebecca Dyer, a postdoctoral associate in psychology, conducts research that studies perceptions of blame and the interaction between perpetrator-blame and victim-blame.

Nirav Patel, Natural Resources
Student Spotlight: Nirav Patel

A Ph.D. student in natural resources, Nirav Patel's doctoral research is focused on renewable energy education.

Anna Levina, Plant Breeding
Student Spotlight: Anna Levina

Plant breeding graduate student Anna Levina studies disease resistance in potatoes, specifically focusing on QTL mapping of common scab resistance and also mapping genes responsible for tuber shape and color.

Nick Fesette, Theatre Arts
Student Spotlight: Nick Fesette

Theatre arts graduate student Nick Fesette's work focuses on incarceration studies and prison theatre in the United States. As part of his studies, Fesette volunteers at Auburn Prison in Auburn, New York, working closely with the incarcerated men who make up the Phoenix Players Theatre Group.

Chantal Koechli, Microbiology
Student Spotlight: Chantal Koechli

Chantal Koechli is a Ph.D. student in the field of microbiology. Her work looks at the cycling of carbon substrates by soil microbes and how this fits into the larger ecology of the soil system.

Jiai Zhang, Food Science and Technology
Student Spotlight: Jiai Zhang

Food science and technology graduate student Jiai Zhang recently traveled to Kenya on a Graduate School research travel grant. On her trip she worked on a team to develop strategic plans for the country's biggest local agro-dealer.

Akhiles (Danny) Sindra, Information Science
Student Spotlight: Akhiles (Danny) Sindra

This past fall semester, Akhiles (Danny) Sindra created a mobile application called C.U. in Nature to accompany the Nature Rx Cornell initiative, which was developed to help students reduce stress and improve health by interacting with nature.

MacKenzie Pierce, Musicology
Student Spotlight: MacKenzie Pierce

Musicology Ph.D. student Mackenzie Pierce received a research travel grant from the Graduate School this past fall to travel to Warsaw, Poland, to conduct research vital to his dissertation.

Wendy Leutert, Government
Wendy Leutert Receives Fulbright-Hays Fellowship

A 2015-2016 Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship has been awarded to Wendy Leutert, Ph.D. student in government and international relations at Cornell University, and a native of Naples, Florida.

Saba Parvez, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Student Spotlight: Saba Parvez

Graduate student Saba Parvez studies cellular processes that can lead to diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.