Postdoc Jonathan Caranto
Postdoc Spotlight: Jonathan Caranto

Studying the ways agriculture can impact the environmental and ecological health of fisheries and marine life, former professional basketball player Jonathan Caranto hopes to help transform farming practices.

Postdoc Diego Muñoz
Postdoc Spotlight: Diego Muñoz

Postdoc Diego Muñoz came to Ithaca from Chile to work with Dong Lai in Astronomy.

Simone White, Genetics, Genomics, and Development
Student Spotlight: Simone White

Simone White has been awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study, one of 30 fellowships given to outstanding students who are pursuing a Ph.D. in the life sciences.

Hautahi Kingi, Economics
Student Spotlight: Hautahi Kingi

Growing up around the economic inequality faced by the Maori opened Kingi's mind to the ways people's lives are often dictated by economic circumstances beyond their control.

Nadia Sasso, Africana Studies
Student Spotlight: Nadia Sasso

Nadia Sasso is one of four students admitted to the new Africana Studies Ph.D. program

Kyle Anderson, Near Eastern Studies
Student Spotlight: Kyle Anderson

Graduate student Kyle Anderson studies the social history of workers and peasants in the Middle East.

Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Science and Technology Studies
Student Spotlight: Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo

Lumumba-Kasongo is a sound studies scholar, nerdcore rapper, and music producer.

Wisler Charles, Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Student Spotlight: Wisler Charles

Immunology and Infectious Diseases Ph.D. student Wisler Charles works to find the key to debilitating neurological diseases in children.