Uploading to Graduation Manager

Graduation Manager Filing Instructions

"Graduation Manager" is Cornell's online system for uploading an electronic copy of your thesis or dissertation.  Once you have defended and received preliminary approval of the content from your committee members, the entire document may be submitted  to Graduation Manager. The Graduate School will not review drafts or partial documents.

  • Convert  files to a PDF (max 20MB). Please name the PDF with first and last name (eg. MarySmithThesis.pdf). BE SURE THIS IS THE FULL, FINAL COPY THAT ALL COMMITTEE MEMBERS HAVE VIEWED AND APPROVED.
  • Access Graduation Manager. Log onto with your NetID and password.
  • Answer all questions: Provide some basic information about your future mailing address,  thesis topics, and complete a very short exit survey.
  • Verify that your name, address and Committee data are correct. If any changes are required contact the Graduate School Registrar before proceeding.
  • Purchase additional copies. The Graduate School requires two (2) copies of your work, but you have the opportunity to order additional bound copies for yourself, advisor, department, etc. Color copies are also available. All copies are printed at Olin Library and charges are billed to your bursar account.
  • If the Graduate School rejects your formatting: If corrections need to be made to the format of your thesis or dissertation, your file will be rejected. You will receive an e-mail indicating what needs to be corrected. When you have made the changes, convert your file to a PDF (see  #2 above) and upload the corrected file. You will receive an "accepted" e-mail when the Graduate School approves the format.
  • Committee approval: Once the format is approved, all your Special Committee members will receive an e-mail requesting their final  approval. When all committee members have approved your submitted work the print order will then be sent electronically sent to Olin Library.

PLEASE NOTE: When you submit your thesis or dissertation through Graduation Manager, you do NOT need signed abstracts and  thesis approval form printed on archival paper. Digital submission waives that requirement.

Doctoral Students Only

First, complete the online Survey of Earned Doctorates at

Additionally, All dissertations are recorded with UMI Proquest, the national repository of doctoral dissertations. 

You must complete two simple steps:

  1. Complete the UMI form (available at :
  2. Submit the form and a regular paper copy of your title page and abstract (you must write your chair's name on the top of the title page; it does not require the chair's signature) to 143 Caldwell Hall or,or by fax  to 607-255-1816.