Will the Graduate School support a student-led conference?


Dear Ask A Dean,

I am writing to ask for your support of the annual Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conference, which will take place on Saturday, April 15, 2017 here at Cornell.  EYH is a one day conference that encourages young women in 7th-9th grade to pursue science, math, and engineering through exciting hands-on workshops organized by active science researchers including Cornell students, faculty, and staff. Young women benefit from this unique opportunity to interact with role models in science, and over 300 volunteers among the Cornell scientific community are united across disciplines to share their enthusiasm for STEM fields.  At our last conference on April 30, 2016, we hosted around 500 young women and their parents from across New York State and beyond.

To continue enabling 500 women to attend the conference, we need your help! The success of EYH depends not only on the volunteers who organize events, host workshops, and escort the young women around campus, but also on the continued support from the individual colleges, departments, and programs at Cornell. Your support will help to cover conference costs such as publicity, workshop materials, educational materials for the participants, and diversity recruitment.

Thank you for your support.

EYH Fundraiser


Dear EYH Fundraiser:

Senior Vice Provost and Dean Barbara A. Knuth

Thank you for your Ask a Dean question seeking Graduate School support for the Expanding Your Horizon conference.  The Graduate School is pleased to support Expanding Your Horizons, and will provide a financial contribution in support of the event. 

Thanks to all the EYH leaders and participants for their efforts to encourage young women to pursue science, math, and engineering.  Your efforts help seed the future involvement of diverse participants in the STEM disciplines and workforce of the future.

Best wishes in your EYH program,