Course and Modality (Updated 8/21/20)

Course List Release Timeline

Cornell’s course enrollment will follow the following timeline for Fall 2020.

  • August 7: The Fall ’20 Course List with modalities was released. Some courses have not been verified, and additions will be made to the list. The Guide to Fall 2020 Enrollment was released to help you understand modalities and special registration information.
  • August 14: The Fall ’20 Course List will be expanded to include class meeting times.
  • Last week of August: Course enrollment periods will be designated by type of student (e.g., graduate/professional, seniors, etc.).
    • Round 1 – Graduate Students: August 26, 6 am-4 pm
    • Round 2 – Graduate/Professional Students: August 28-September 1
  • Final Fall ’20 academic calendar will be released in coming weeks. Labor Day will be a university holiday, but classes will meet. October 14 will be a one-day break from classes.  Other details will be in the final calendar.

More information about course enrollment and Guide to Course Enrollment.

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