Guidelines for Teaching Assistant and Instructor Requests for Spring 2022

Guidelines for Evaluating Teaching Assistant and Graduate Instructor Requests to Provide Online/Remote Instruction in Lieu of In-person Instruction for Spring 2022

This page outlines guidelines for considering individual teaching assistant (TA) or graduate instructor requests to provide online/remote instruction when the university’s overall goal is to provide in-person instruction across the campus. Direct, in-person instruction and advising has been an essential element of Cornell’s residential academic programs since its founding in 1865. As educators, we believe that a distinctive quality of a residential academic program centers on instructor engagement in and outside the classroom. In addition, in-person teaching and engagement with students is a critical component of pedagogical goals of training academic professionals.

This page describes two general categories of situations in which remote instruction may be considered: use of remote instruction for programmatic reasons; and use of remote instruction to support graduate instructor needs (both temporary and long-term medical accommodations).