Part-Time Study

Generally, part-time study is not permitted except under the following circumstances:

  1. A student in the Employee Degree Program (EDP) may study in master’s or Ph.D. programs on a part-time basis. While Employee Degree Program participants pursuing a Ph.D. can study part-time for the majority of their degree program, they are typically required to spend at least two semesters of their program in full-time study. This requirement for two semesters of full-time study may be waived for EDP Ph.D. participants if the Special Committee attests that either:
    1. there is sufficient overlap between the student’s employment and academic program; or
    2. the student is fully participating in the graduate program.
  2. An established area resident may be admitted to part-time research in master’s and professional master’s degree programs.
  3. A doctoral or master’s student, with support of their graduate field and special committee, petition the Graduate School and receive approval to enroll in a part-time status.