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Student Status

The university assigns each student to one of three particular statuses: regular degree, provisional, or nondegree. 

  • Regular degree candidates actively work toward a degree.
  • Provisional students may study for a semester or two to determine if they are adequately prepared for entry into a program. (Provisional status is limited to two semesters.)
  • Nondegree students register with the university to further their academic interests, but are not enrolled in a degree-granting program. These individuals work under the supervision of an advisor and are limited to a maximum of two semesters as nondegree students.

Provisional or nondegree students who later enroll in a regular degree program may transfer registration units completed during their provisional or nondegree status.

To determine your status, log in to the Student Service Center or check with your graduate field assistant or with the Graduate Student Services Office in 143 Caldwell Hall.

Part-Time Study

Generally, part-time study is not permitted except under the following circumstances:

  1. A student in the Employee Degree Program (EDP) may study in master’s or Ph.D. programs on a part-time basis. While Employee Degree Program participants pursuing a Ph.D. can study part-time for the majority of their degree program, they are typically required to spend at least two semesters of their program in full-time study. This requirement for two semesters of full-time study may be waived for EDP Ph.D. participants if the Special Committee attests that either:
    1. there is sufficient overlap between the student’s employment and academic program; or
    2. the student is fully participating in the graduate program.
  2. An established area resident may be admitted to part-time research in master’s and professional master’s degree programs.