Getting Registered

University registration is the official recognition of a student’s relationship with the university and is the basic authorization for a student’s access to campus resources. You must be registered each semester until you finish your degree or withdraw from the program. You do not register if you are granted a leave of absence.

In order to be considered a registered student by the university, a student must:

  • settle all financial accounts, including current semester tuition;
  • clear any holds, whether these are from the Bursar’s Office, Cornell Health, the Judicial Administrator, or the Graduate School; and
  • satisfy New York state health requirements.

Enrollment in courses does not constitute or imply university registration.

Checking Your Registration Status

Students can check their registration status at the beginning of the semester using Student Essentials. If you are registered, your registration status will state “Registered” with a green checkmark. The absence of a green checkmark means there is a hold preventing your registration.

There are several different types of holds – some are informational and must be completed for graduation, and some are immediate and prevent current semester registration. Your holds are listed at the top right of the page. Click on “more information” for complete details including steps to resolve a hold.

Students who are not registered by the deadline risk being withdrawn from the university. When withdrawn, they will be dropped from classes, and services such as (but not limited to) library access, housing, dining, door access, Canvas, and bus service will be terminated.

Summer Registration

Students must register for the summer session if, during the summer, they will receive financial aid, fellowships, loans, assistantships, travel grants, or tuition awards. You also must register in order to use campus facilities during the summer. If you are not on campus, but meet any of the previous conditions, you must register for the summer.

Summer registration is automatically granted to all students who enroll in a non-credit summer graduate research course through their Student Center. Enrollment opens in mid April. There is no tuition charge for summer registration and enrollment in the graduate research course, although students requesting a registration unit for summer study do pay tuition.

Changing your Registration Status

You must notify the Graduate School at if you wish to withdraw, take a leave of absence, or otherwise cease to be registered.

Non-registered Status 

Non-registered status means a student hasn’t met the requirements for registration or is on a leave absence or withdrawn.