Editing, Typing, and Proofreading Services

The Graduate School maintains this list of typists, editors, and courier services as a resource to students. The individuals and businesses listed here are independent contractors and are not affiliated with or employed by the Graduate School.

Couriers and Formatting

Carol Cook
  • 607-564-9375

Editing and Proofreading

1st Rate Editing
  • A multi-editor team with exemplary qualifications edits every paper, enabling a faster return time and more attention to detail than a single editor could achieve
  • Editing teams are led by chief editors with doctorate degrees and experience as dissertation and research mentors, published authors, and professional editors.
  • Comprehensive editing services include proofreading your written language and mechanics; assessing word usage and clarity; attention to structural cohesion, coherence, organization, and flow; and cross-checking citations and references.
  • Expert formatting is applied to ensure adherence to university and publication guidelines for headings, references, citations, tables, figures, appendices, etc.
  • Affordable rates with discounts, fast turnaround, and free consultations available. Learn more on our website or visit us on LinkedIn.
  • info@1stRateEditing.com
Rachel Addison, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Over 10 years’ experience working with students of all levels (including nonnative English speakers) and professional academics on the technical accuracy of their writing and the effective development and presentation of academic arguments
  • Proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and line editing for clarity, coherence/cohesion, syntax, persuasive argument progression, and word usage
  • Theses, dissertations, journal articles, proposals, essays, research papers, and books
  • Highly experienced in a wide range of referencing systems, including Harvard, Chicago, APA, MHRA, MLA, New Harts, and OSCOLA
  • Formatting undertaken to adhere to any given guidelines
  • Editor for Oxford University Press
  • Former lecturer and module developer in humanities at University of Exeter Medical School
  • All topics and fields welcome – reliable, regular, and friendly communication, and fast turn-around times
  • Rachelhaddison01@gmail.com
Ellie Andrews
  • Developmental editing and line editing for style, grammar, and clarity
  • Experience with both native and nonnative speakers of English, mostly in the social sciences
  • Journal articles, thesis/dissertation proposals, theses/dissertations, conference papers, and more
  • Former tutor with Cornell’s Graduate Writing Service, currently an editor for a AAAS online publication
  • Discount for graduate students
  • 917-902-2682
  • Online marketplace of freelancers and scientific experts providing proofreading and editorial services
  • Novel, modern platform for editing and writing services
  • Allows customers to browse freelancer profiles and select professionals based on reviews, subject matter expertise, and pricing
Evelyn Asher
Amanda Bosworth Shirnina, Ph.D.
  • Preferred fields are history and related humanities fields in Chicago style
  • Reasonable rate with a discount for graduate students
  • Edits and proofreads conference presentations, funding proposals, research papers, journal articles, thesis/dissertation proposals, theses/dissertations, book proposals, books, creative writing, and poetry
  • Professional editor of nonnative speakers but will also edit and proofread the work of native English speakers
  • Experience editing in and teaching high school and university students to write in MLA, APA, Chicago, and AP style
  • Contact me today for my availability: alb399@cornell.edu
Kathleen Cannon, Ed.D.
  • Fun, fast, competent dissertation editor/partner/coach
  • Have edited 90+ dissertations, proposals
  • 612-306-6091
  • drkatcannon@gmail.com
Rochelle Deans
  • More than 10 years of experience editing dissertations, theses, and articles for academic journals with a focus on humanities and religion
  • Specialties are heavy line editing for native and nonnative English speakers and formatting in Word
  • Fluent in CMOS and works in APA and MLA
Samantha Dozier, Ph.D.
Editor Etal
  • We provide proofreading (grammar, punctuation, etc.), copy editing (syntax, paragraph formulation, etc.), and formatting (reference list, headings, pagination, etc.) options for theses/dissertations.
  • 407-984-6207
  • editor123.etal@gmail.com
Rose Ernst
  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • University of Chicago Editing Certificate
  • As a developmental editor and writing coach, I specialize in social sciences, as well as history, law, and interdisciplinary social sciences/humanities.
  • I will support you in producing coherent, elegant, and persuasive research papers, journal articles, theses/dissertations, and books.
  • rose@roseernst.net
Krystal Felton, Ph.D.
  • Experience working as a consultant at speaking and writing centers and as an instructor for communication and business courses
  • Provides copyediting services for academic writing, including dissertations, theses, papers for publication, and grant proposals
  • krystalafelton@gmail.com
Monica Franciscus
  • Editing and proofing: basic and stylistic, also for nonnative English speaking writers
  • Scientific papers, theses, postdoc papers/grants (grammar, style, clarity)
  • 607-229-9878
  • mgf43@cornell.edu or monica@artbymf.com
  • Cornell University Institute of Biotechnology, 604 Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
Allison L. Goldstein
Amy K. Guenther, Ph.D.
  • Writing coaching, developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for theses, dissertations, journal articles, and books
  • Specializes in the arts and humanities, especially performance studies, theatre, English lit. and crit., women’s and gender studies, queer studies, critical race theory, African American studies, and history
  • Extensive experience with ESL and ELL writers, including writers from Nigeria, South Korea, and Turkey
  • Advanced knowledge of CMOS, but also works with APA and MLA
  • amy@amykguenther.com
Kate Haigh
  • Freelance since 2010 and an Advanced Professional Member of the UK’s Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • Able to proofread many subjects, but particularly experienced in academic fields of history, politics, philosophy, business, and management
  • kate@kateproof.co.uk
Heartful Editor
  • Academic coaches and editors
Ithaca Editing
  • Basic and stylistic editing, specializing in the social sciences and humanities
  • 607-227-6848
Ashleigh Imus, Ph.D.
Ana Joldes
  • Professional proofreader and editor highly regarded for years of experience editing and proofreading for postgraduate students at several prestigious institutions, such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and UCLA
  • Exemplary professional qualifications include membership in the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (United Kingdom) alongside published works by Elsevier and ISTE Group
  • +44 7754 225 910
  • info@scienture.co.uk
Georgia A. Martin, Ph.D.
  • Editing/proofreading in LaTeX and MS Word
  • Specialty areas: mathematics, science, economics, engineering
  • 301-962-9299
  • georgiaamartin@verizon.net
Ellen Morgan
  • Specialize in helping education students deliver clear, effective, change-making messages
  • Experience tutoring in a university writing center, copy editing for a small newspaper, and teaching English to nonnative speakers
  • Expert in APA style and well-versed in MLA and Chicago
  • Edited dissertations, master’s theses, undergraduate essays, and creative, literary works
  • In addition to thoroughly editing your grammar and formatting, I offer helpful commentary as well as phone or Zoom sessions
  • 979-219-5567
  • ellenmorgan823@gmail.com
Amanda Recupero LLC
  • Professional editor with expertise in academic writing in the humanities (degrees in foreign literatures, history, and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies)
  • Developmental Editing: ensures that macro-elements of a text contribute purposefully to your argument; focuses on structure, narrative, evidence, style, and tone
  • Book Proposal Evaluation: reveals any potential obstacles to the proposal’s effectiveness and includes a full read through of your proposal and any supporting documents
  • Academic/Personal Website Editing: guides you through the process of designing and writing content for a website that helps you meet your goals
  • ar@amandarecupero.com
James M. Reilly
  • Editing and coaching for graduate and undergraduate writers, including moral support, monitoring for conformity to program requirements, and structural and line editing
  • Writers at Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Fordham, Rutgers, CUNY, and York University have reached their goals working with me.
  • 973-477-7804
  • thesiscoachhotline@gmail.com
Ronda Roaring
  • Ronda Roaring Communications, LLC
  • Proofreading and coaching for the CU community
  • Professional copy editing
Running Ink Writing, Editing, Coaching, & Research LLC
  • Comprehensive editing: All dissertation and theses receive comprehensive editing:
    • Editing for grammar, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, and syntax
    • Editing for style: APA or MLA formatting, in-text citations, and references
    • Editing for content (optional) 
    • Editing for clarity 
  • ESL/ELL editing 
  • 412-443-5701
  • info@runninginkwriting.com
Sara Schaffzin
  • International graduate student population
  • 607-277-6461
  • ss86@cornell.edu
  • 313 Utica St., Ithaca, NY 14850
Adam Schuster
  • B.A., M.A. in literature, Ph.D. in curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, PGCertHE
  • 15+ years of experience in academia
  • Chaired more than ten dissertation committees
  • Offers dissertation editing [full and chapter by chapter editing], dissertation proposal editing, dissertation proofreading, and dissertation coaching services, as well as thesis, capstone projects, assignments, essays, reports, reviews, case studies, annotated bibliography, and more!
  • adam@dissertationcoaches.com
Nina Seja, Ph.D.
  • Precise, expert, and experienced proofreader and coach
  • Theses, dissertations, books/chapters, academic/popular articles, grant applications, and more
  • Focus across many disciplines, but particularly the arts/humanities, social sciences, law, and business
  • Have considerable experience working with English as a Second Language students
  • spacific@nyu.edu
Oli Stephano, Ph.D.
  • Philosophy Ph.D., professor, and scholar published in top peer-reviewed journals
  • Expert, razor-sharp editorial skills to make your project as clear, crisp, and compelling as possible; attention to detail; and rapid turnaround
  • Specializes in the humanities and social sciences
  • Academic editing covers everything from theses and dissertations to articles, conference papers, and book projects
  • Services include: Copy editing, line editing, content editing, developmental editing/”Book Doctoring”, and more!
  • Offer bespoke editing according to the scope, style, and goals of your work
  • ostephano.phd@gmail.com.
Susan Weiner Editing
  • Provides developmental editing for grad students and recent Ph.D.s completing or revising dissertations in the humanities and qualitative social sciences
  • Bring an interdisciplinary lens to reading your work
  • Help hone your argument and refine your prose on the sentence level, making your manuscript more “readerly”
  • Have experience with nonnative speakers of English writing in English
  • Current authors include anthropologists, musicologists, sociologists, and religious studies scholars
  • Approaches developmental editing as intellectual collaboration
  • susanweinerediting@gmail.com
Susan Williams, Editing Services, Technical Editor
  • Works with clients who are preparing papers for academic admission, conference presentations, and publication in various academic journals
  • Edits using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word, LATEX (LyX), and Overleaf
  • Approved vendor for the University of Georgia, the University of Texas, and Columbia University and is happy to provide excellent references upon request
  • Extensive experience editing for tenure-track professors seeking publication in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals, with several manuscripts having been published
  • Experience editing application essays and personal statements for students seeking admission into various academic programs
  • TESOL certification and specializes in editing for nonnative English speakers
  • Subjects in which I have experience include finance, computer engineering, electrical engineering, applied linguistics, digital learning, TESOL, pharmacology, architecture, and computer science.
  • susanwilliamswriting@gmail.com
Clare Xanthos, Ph.D. Academic Editor