Information Systems M.S. (Cornell NYC Tech)

Field of Study

Computer Science

Program Description

Offered by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, the two-year MS in Information Systems immerses students in the core technical, human and business factors at the convergence of information and technology. Students receive training in entrepreneurship and innovation management and engage in extensive R&D projects with tech companies in New York City.

The Connective Media concentration focuses on the technology driving digital media, as well as the psychological, social and business forces at play in today's connected media environment. Students are prepared to go into industry for software engineering/development, product development and user experience research, and data science at the convergence of communication, information, and media. Graduates are technologists with deep expertise in the human, social, and media aspects of technology.

The Health Tech concentration emphasizes the technical and entrepreneurial skills needed to create new digital technologies for patients, clinicians and communities. Students are trained to create better healthcare information systems, mobile healthcare applications, and medical devices for medical monitoring. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in mobile/consumer health startups, insurance, hospital systems, 360-degree medical providers, health IT companies, healthcare cloud computing and data analytics companies, and foundations and nonprofits.

The Urban Tech concentration emphasizes the integration of Urban Design, Architecture and Computer Science to build smarter more interconnected cities. Students are trained to use technology to improve mobility and transportation, sustainable urban development, and urban systems. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in mobile/consumer urban tech startups, real estate, utilities, contruction, and NGOs.

Contact Information


Cornell Tech 
2 West Loop Road
New York, NY 10044

Concentrations by Subject

  • connective media
  • healthier life
  • urban tech


2019-2020: $56,550

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Deadlines:

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Requirements Summary:

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Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge at the undergraduate level of four core areas in computer science

  • Systems, AI, PL, and theory
  • Students should be able to solve problems in these four core areas at the undergraduate level

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, applications, analysis, and evaluation of material at the graduate level in four out of five important core areas of computer science

  • The five different core areas are as follows: algorithms and theory of computation, artificial intelligence, systems, programming languages and methodology, scientific computing and applications

Demonstrate knowledge, understanding, applications, analysis, and evaluation of the three different value systems of the three computer science research styles that differ in how they evaluate and validate research results

  • The three different styles are theory, systems, and applied.