Immunology, Ph.D. (Ithaca)

Program Description

The Graduate Field of Immunology & Infectious Disease (IID) offers broad training in the areas of innate and adaptive immunity, along with the mechanisms used by pathogens to invade, replicate and spread within human and animal populations. We emphasize the basic principles underlying host-pathogen interactions and the experimental tools required to understand those interactions. We are particularly interested in how pathogens are recognized and eliminated by the host.  This includes the signaling pathways utilized by granulocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, and B- and T-lymphocytes in the context of infection and autoimmune dysfunction. On the pathogen side, we study a wide variety of disease agents (ranging from viruses to bacteria, protozoal, and worms pathogens) in order to identify the mechanisms they use to establish acute and chronic infection in different host species. As a member of the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Graduate Program (BBS), IID is part of a vibrant graduate community in the Veterinary College.



Contact Information

Phone: 607 253-3276

S3 009 Schurman Hall, Box 38
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY  14853

Concentrations by Subject

  • cellular immunology
  • immunochemistry
  • immunogenetics
  • immunopathology
  • infection and immunity


2017-2018: $20,800

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Deadlines:

Fall: Dec. 1

Requirements Summary:

  • all Graduate School Requirements, including the TOEFL Exam for Non-Native English Applicants
  • two recommendations
  • GRE general test
  • resume/CV required for current DVMs seeking Ph.D. admission

fficial GRE test scores should be sent from ETS to the Cornell University Graduate School (university code 2098). A field brochure is available on request from the graduate field office.


Immunology & infectious Disease is one of five graduate fields associated with the Biological & Biomedical Sciences (BBS) Graduate Program. As an umbrella program, the BBS fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, focusing on the interface between scientific research and clinical practice as well as a commitment to animal and human health. The Graduate Fields associated with the BBS Program share a set of values and expectations in the training of PhD students. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of the Fields while maintaining their unique identities and structures. The following graduate fields are members of the BBS Graduate Program:

  • Comparative Biomedical Science
  • Immunology & Infectious Disease
  • Molecular & Integrative Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Zoology & Wildlife Conservation

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