Sociology, M.A. (Ithaca)

Field of Study

Program Description

Master's degree candidates major in general sociology. Students in either degree program are expected to prepare themselves to undertake research both through formal course work and through apprenticeships in the ongoing research activities of the faculty.

Contact Information

Phone: 607 255-4266

316 Uris Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY  14853

Concentrations by Subject

  • economy and society
  • gender and life course
  • methodology (minor)
  • organizations
  • policy analysis (minor)
  • political sociology/social movements
  • racial and ethnic relations
  • social networks
  • social psychology
  • social stratification


2017-2018: $29,500

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Deadlines:

Fall, Jan. 15

Requirements Summary:

Applicants are required to submit GRE general test scores. A field brochure is available on request from the graduate field office.

  • all Graduate School Requirements, including the TOEFL Exam for Non-Native English Applicants
  • two recommendations
  • GRE general test
  • writing sample



When students complete the Ph.D. in sociology, they should be able to

  1.  Conduct original, publishable research.
  2. Demonstrate a broad knowledge of theory and research in two sub-fields within the discipline.
  3. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge at the research frontier of one area of specialization.
  4. Write and speak effectively to professional and general audiences about issues in the field.
  5. Teach effectively: design a course, grade and comment on student work, lead discussion and lecture.


Progress Milestones (calculated as percentages completing within relevant time frames, i.e., % completing by end of 2nd year of residence, 3rd year of residence, …)

  • Time to completion of 2 area exams
  • Time to completion of qualifying paper
  • Time to completion of A exam including dissertation prospectus
  • Completion of B exam


Post-graduation placement: tenure track appointment, post-doctoral appointment, other research/teaching appointment

Scholarly achievements

  • External fellowships and grants
  • Internal fellowships and grants