Application Information for Applicants from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Because some applicants from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands may not be able to easily gather the materials for the Graduate School application in time to meet graduate program application deadlines, the Cornell Graduate School is asking our graduate fields, when possible, to consider offering the following flexibility to applicants affected by recent natural disasters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the exception of application fee waivers, it is at the field’s discretion whether or not they are able offer any of the below considerations – to find out what, if any, flexibility is being offered, please check with the program you are applying to directly.

  • Application fee waiver: Submit your fee waiver request here
  • Waiver of GRE examination requirements
  • Extended application deadline
  • Alternate methods for submitting faculty letters of recommendation
  • Flexibility in allowing applicants to submit unofficial transcripts

We are here to help! Please contact us should you have any questions or need assistance.