Can I be funded by a TAship and a fellowship at the same time during the summer?

Date: May 2017


Dear Deans –

I’m a Ph.D. candidate and I have a question regarding my summer funding. A professor has offered me a TAship in their three-week summer course, and before I sign on, I wondered how this might affect my Sage Fellowship stipend. Would it be possible to keep my summer Sage stipend as well as earn the TA stipend? I know that during the academic year, I can’t hold a TAship and fellowship at the same time, but I wonder if the situation is different during the summer.

Funded Student


Dear Funded Student, 

Congratulations on having two seemingly good options for summer support. Fellowships are intended to help students direct their full attention towards studies so while on fellowship, students are limited to eight hours per week of assistantship or employment responsibilities. The policy is the same over the summer as it is during the academic year. That said, the eight hour/week cap is an average. Since summer courses are often very short in duration it may be possible to accept a TA appointment of two to three weeks at 15 hours/week with the understanding that the average time will be within acceptable limits over the 10-week summer term.  

We’re also able to offer some flexibility in when a Sage summer fellowship is used, so you could request a deferral if you anticipate needing it for a future summer. However you proceed I would encourage you to keep the lines of communication open with your advisor so she or he knows how you plan to budget your time. If you have more specific questions about the requirements of your fellowship please don’t hesitate to follow up with Heidi Hart-Gorman, the Graduate School’s director of fellowships, or contact me directly.

Have a great (and productive) summer!


Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration