Can you keep the Cornell Chimes?

Date: May 2018


Dear Deans,

Could you please NOT stop or reduce the concerts of the Cornell Chimes? I really enjoyed the music, and it’s part of my daily fun to guess which song is playing (hard to tell sometimes, though). A lot of my friends enjoy it, too – I can’t speak for the whole Cornell student community, but please do consider other voices as well when making decisions about this lovely sign of Cornell. 



One Whom Enjoys the Bell Tolling 


Dear One Whom Enjoys the Bell Tolling,

Thanks for being a regular reader of the Ask a Dean column, and for this question!  

I appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm for the Cornell Chimes daily concerts. As I mentioned in a previous Ask a Dean column, Cornell Chimes normally provide concerts three times a day, but during study & finals periods, that schedule is reduced to once or twice a day to accommodate those who appreciate more quiet during those times. 

It’s useful to know that you and your friends enjoy the Chimes on their regular schedule as it occurs most of the year. Like you, I look forward to figuring out which songs are playing when I’m able to hear a Chimes concert.

Thanks again for sharing your views, and happy listening,


Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School