Comment #3 about Ask a Dean 3/6/17

Date: March 2017


Dear Deans,

I find the leading item in the most recent Graduate School News to be extremely disheartening. The two questions are clearly canned anti-union messages meant to dissuade graduate students from supporting CGSU. The second question in particularly is particularly vitriolic (“I am worried about the lies they are perpetuating”) and does nothing to further honest and open debate on campus.

While I understand that the Graduate School opposes the unionization efforts of graduate students, I find such pathetic attempts to sway student opinion to be offensive and disrespectful. I hope that the quality of information coming from the Graduate School improves so that students can make informed decisions about unionization.

A Concerned Graduate Student


Dear Concerned Graduate Student,

Thank you for your Ask a Dean question. 

“Ask a Dean” questions are submitted by Cornell graduate students and answered by Cornell deans. Topics are determined by the questions that graduate students submit. The Ask a Dean feature is designed to make the Graduate School more accessible to students given our limited resources (23 staff serving 5000+students). We seek to provide factual information addressing the questions students ask.

Several weeks ago we received a question similar to your sentiments and did respond publicly

Please let us know what information you are seeking to help you make an informed decision about union representation for graduate assistants and we will endeavor to address your information needs, factually.

Warm regards,


Barbara A. Knuth 
Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School