Does Cornell have a license for Pavlovia already?

Date: May 2020


Dear deans,

Together with my office mate, I’m trying to set up a plan for my field (and maybe even one that we could share between fields as soon as we have everything sorted out) so we would be able to continue running participants. For my research, we go online using Pavlovia. That way we can still recruit participants (which is also beneficial for our Cornell undergraduates). We were wondering whether you maybe know whether Cornell has a license for Pavlovia already?


Productive Graduate Student Researcher


Dear Productive Graduate Student Researcher,

It’s wonderful that you are looking for ways to continue to make progress on your research during this challenging time.

I contacted Cornell IT for help with your question. Faculty and graduate students can request software that is not currently licensed by the university. CIT will review and evaluate the request for purchasing software that can be licensed and made available for faculty and student use.

To learn more about the criteria used for evaluating your request, the timeline, and information you should provide when submitting a request, see IT@Cornell’s Criteria for Software Licensing.

I hope this information is useful for the researchers in your and other labs!

Thank you for writing, and please stay safe,


Jan Allen
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs