How can we be added to the BRB listserv?

Date: September 2018


Hi there,

I love the Big Red Barn, but often hear about BRB events after they’ve already passed. I’ve heard from other students (upper years) that there is a regular BRB newsletter with updates and events, which is how they know about happenings at the Barn. I do not receive this newsletter and others in my cohort don’t receive it either. How can we be added to the BRB listserv?


Feeling Left Out


Dear Feeling Left Out,

I am sorry to hear that you are not receiving the Big Red Barn’s weekly email newsletter. All graduate and professional students in the Graduate School should receive it, including first year students who are added to the list by the first week of classes. (Other professional students, such as those in Law and Vet, should receive it forwarded by their program administrator.)

If you are not on the list, you can email with a request to be added. And we will troubleshoot this to see if we can determine why you are not on the list. Thank you for letting us know!


Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs