How do graduate students receive the welcome packages with COVID-19 protection?

Date: September 2020


Hi Deans,

In an email on 7/31 with the subject line “Reactivation FAQ for Graduate and Professional Students,” it was stated that graduate students would receive a welcome package with a thermometer, two face coverings, and hand sanitizer. Are these welcome packages available now? If so, how can we receive one?

Mask-seeking Grad


Dear Mask-seeking Grad,

Thanks for your question. The “welcome package” with COVID-19 protection supplies can be picked up at the Cornell Store. Either location has them available: the Main Campus Store (entrance facing Day Hall), or the store on the Ithaca Commons. The welcome kit is available anytime during store operating hours right at the entrance doors. Students do not even have to come into the store to get a kit.

I hope this information helps. Please let your colleagues know. We will also try to get the word out to the broader graduate student community.

Thanks again for raising this question. I appreciate your interest.

Stay well,


Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School