How do I update my address in Workday?

Date: January 2018



I just went onto Workday to download my W2. I noticed that my address is out of date. I was wondering how I can update this address. I tried clicking on the “Personal Information” and then “Contact Info” under the change bar but do not see any options for editing the information. According to the forum on Workday regarding this issue, there should be an “Edit” button. However I do not have this button available.

Also, can I cancel the paper copy of my W2, since it is going to a dorm room where I no longer live?

Thank you,

Recently Relocated


Dear Recently Relocated,

It’s important that all students keep their addresses updated in Cornell systems so you receive tax forms and other official communications. You can do this in Student Center, or via the Student Essentials portal. Your new address will then populate automatically into Workday. I’ll see if we can clarify this a bit better on both the Graduate School and HR websites.

According to the payroll office, questions about W-2 forms can be sent to If your paper W-2 has already been sent to your former address it will be returned to the payroll office, but they may be able to cancel the paper copy if it has not already been sent.

Best regards,


Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration