How do students get considered for a spotlight?

Date: April 2019


Dear Deans,

Hello, I have seen so many of my colleagues featured in the newsletter, and I would like to possibly be considered for a spotlight before the semester/my time at Cornell ends.  How would that be possible, and to whom would I forward that information?

Thank you for your time,

Accomplished Student


Dear Accomplished Student,

Thanks very much for your Ask a Dean question. I appreciate your interest in the graduate student spotlights that we feature on our website and periodically in Graduate School Announcements. Some of our regular readers mention these are among their favorite features!

We appreciate the help we get from staff, faculty, and graduate students across campus in sending names our way for graduate students we can feature in our spotlights and in the Kudos column in Announcements. Graduate students to feature are often suggested by graduate field or department referral, are sometimes recent recipients of various fellowships or awards or have made a discovery or published or presented their scholarship, or have engaged in a particularly interesting or novel accomplishment (such as our recent feature on graduate students inventing the language for a Marvel movie!).

Self-nominations are welcome as well, to be featured either in Kudos or as a spotlight, depending on the topic and on space available in the weekly Announcements. Nominations can be submitted through this Qualtrics form.

Thanks again for your interest, and best wishes as you prepare to graduate!

Warm regards,


Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School