If Commencement occurs after I’ve left Ithaca, can the money for my robes be refunded?

Date: March 2020



In regards to the date change of Commencement, does this mean robes we ordered will line up with the new date or is there any chance we could pick them up on the original date? If the new date occurs when I have left Ithaca is there a chance of a refund? Money is tight enough that unless I can actually wear the robes I would like the ~$80 back.

-Cornell Grad


Cornell Grad,

Thank you for your inquiry. It is my understanding from the Commencement office that students who can’t return at all and who have placed an order will get a refund.

You can reach out to the commencement@cornell.edu office directly for further questions concerning the refund process.

Janine Brace
Student Services Specialist