Is Graduate School conference funding available for virtual conferences?

Date: February 2021


Hello Deans,

Is the Graduate School conference funding available for virtual conferences (to cover registration fees)? 

Thank you,

Presenting From My Kitchen


Dear Presenting From My Kitchen,

I’m pleased to share that the conference travel grant has been available for virtual conferences since last summer. Information can be found on our Conference Grant website:

Conference Grant – Application Form (Online)

Grants of up to $675 are open to research degree students to travel to a professional conference at which they are presenting. All eligible students who apply receive some amount of funding, amounts detailed in the Locations and Awards PDF. See the application form for more information about eligibility requirements and instructions.

While university travel is restricted, the Graduate School is modifying our Conference Travel Grant program to help cover the cost of student participation in online conferences. To be eligible, student must be accepted as a presenter. The grant will cover up to $200 towards the cost of conference registration. Students are eligible for one conference grant per year.

I anticipate that we’ll continue to support online registration fees even once travel to in-person conferences resumes. Good luck with your virtual conference presentation!



Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration