Is there a map of campus sidewalk closures?

Date: August 2022


Hello Deans,

Is there a map of campus sidewalk closures? I walk to campus a lot of the time, and this summer my routes have been closed at seemingly random times. I have been unable to predict these closures, so I’ve had to backtrack and find different routes. Am I missing something?


Route Finder Amid Construction


Dear Route Finder Amid Construction,

Thanks so much for your question. I understand how frustrating this can be and have to sometimes remind myself that the end goal of the construction projects is to ultimately help improve our campus. I had to do some digging and found that “Construction Impacts” is a function of our colleagues in Facilities and Campus Services (FCS). So, I reached out to this office to gather some information that might help it so that you can better plan your walking route. Here is what I found:

I think you are looking for a campus map that has the construction projects noted. As a result, I shared that suggestion with our friends at Facilities and Campus Services and learned that there is indeed a map available for viewing online; however, this map does not address all emergency or limited time projects, partial closures, etc. That information is communicated through the special conditions alert notification page and mail list.

I hope this response provides you with more information to help you be informed about the best campus route as you get from place to place during construction.



Janna Lamey
Senior Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life