Is there a plan to increase bus frequency?

Date: September 2021


Dear Deans,

I hope you had a good summer and the semester is starting on the right foot. 

Apropos feet, it seems that many students had to walk up to campus this morning. The number 10 bus was so full that it did not stop all along University Ave. Some people could not get on. 

Is there a plan to increase bus frequency? It makes no sense to sit in a very crowded bus when the pandemic is still out there. 

While I understand that TCAT is not affiliated with Cornell, it is the main transportation for many of the university’s students and staff. 

Many thanks,

Weary from Walking


Dear Weary from Walking,

I spoke with my colleague in Transportation Services to learn the following.

As you know, TCAT is separate from Cornell. While we work in partnership with them, we do not have control of the bus system.

TCAT is aware of these issues. TCAT, like many other organizations, is experiencing staffing difficulties. They are trying to hire more drivers to meet the demand. It is a transition from not having very many passengers this past year to returning to a large number of riders again.

You can contact TCAT directly and voice your concerns via their feedback form.

I am sorry to hear this and hope this will help to at least understand what is going on. Hopefully improvements will be felt soon.

Thanks so much!


Janna Lamey
Senior Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life