Is there an award for graduate advising?

Date: November 2018


Dear Deans,

Is there an award for graduate advising available? I can only find awards in the colleges or at the university level for undergraduate advising, but it seems like there should be a way to celebrate when a graduate advisor/committee chairperson is exceptional for their students. 


Gold Stars for Good Advisors


Dear Gold Stars for Good Advisors,

Thanks very much for your Ask a Dean question, and for your interest in recognizing exceptional graduate student advising!

There is indeed such an award at Cornell. The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) administers the campus-wide Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award. The award recognizes “faculty who exhibit excellence in the teaching, advising, and mentorship of graduate and professional students.” 

The award is administered by the GPSA Faculty Teaching, Advising, and Mentorship Award Committee based on nominations submitted by graduate/professional students. The chair of the Committee is listed on this website. The committee email address is

Selection criteria for the award are found on the selection criteria page. Past winners are on the past winners page. The Graduate School is pleased to support the award financially. The GPSA faculty award committee describes the award as follows: “Each March the committee is amazed by number and quality of nominations. These nomination letters highlight the positive impact graduate advisors have on their students’ academic and professional development. In many cases, these faculty members serve as inspiring role models, a champion of graduate and professional student interests, and go above and beyond in their commitment to furthering their students’ personal and professional success. … Each year, we try to select a collection of professors who embody a combination of advising, mentorship, and teaching ability in helping graduate students to succeed in their communities.”

Thanks again for your interest. I hope you will submit a nomination this year!

Warm regards,


Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School