Is there one place I can go to find out about upcoming seminars?

Date: August 2017


Hello Deans,

This is my first year as a professional student at Cornell. I am excited to attend the many seminars that will be held on Campus. I have asked several students the following question, and so far I have received mixed answers.

My question is: Is there one resource (other than the student calendar) where I can find a list of all upcoming seminars hosted by all the different colleges?

Thank you,

First Year Professional Student


Dear First Year Professional Student,

Thanks for your Ask a Dean question – and welcome to Cornell! We’re happy you have joined us. 

See Cornell’s Events Calendar. The calendar lists seminars, exhibits, tours, films, workshops, and other events. The site has a “filter” function so you can filter only for seminars, for example. The caveat, however, is that not all academic departments, graduate fields, and colleges link their seminars to this university events calendar, but many do. 

In addition to the Events Calendar, keep your eye out for other email announcements, listservs you may want to join, and posters around campus announcing special seminar, ongoing series, and other opportunities for intellectual engagement here at Cornell.

Enjoy your first year – and have fun exploring across campus!

Warm regards,


Barbara A. Knuth
Senior Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School