What funding is available for Latinx students?

Date: August 2018



I am a candidate for the graduate studies of Real Estate- Baker Program. I wanted to reach out to you since I was looking for opportunities for grants, scholarships, or potential grant-work opportunities for minorities and/or Latinx students, and was wondering if you knew of or had any related information.

Thank you very much.

In search of funding for Latinx students


Dear In Search of Funding for Latinx Students,

Thank you for reaching out about funding opportunities that might be available to support your studies in your professional degree. If you have not already done so, you should first explore what funding opportunities might be available to you directly through your program, which might include merit-based scholarships, or assistantships. You should also explore whether your program has compiled a list of external scholarships that available to students pursuing degrees in your field.

The Graduate School at the University of California, Los Angeles maintains one of the most extensive and up to date university databases on graduate school funding opportunities. Their database is called GRAPES. Unigo is another organization that provides students with access to well organized details on thousands of funding opportunities for college and graduate studies. You can create a profile with Unigo that will help facilitate your search for scholarships for which you might be eligible to apply, or you can forgo creating a profile and explore information on funding focused on specific areas of study, interests, and/or identity groups. For example, you can access their list of scholarships for Latinx or Hispanic students.

There are many other organizations that provide scholarships for college and graduate students who identify as Latinx or Hispanic, or with other minoritized identities. Below you will find a list some of the organizations that either offer scholarships directly to students or provide information on other funding opportunities with a focus on Latinx or Hispanic students.

I hope the resources that I have provided are helpful to your search for funding opportunities to support your graduate studies!

Warm Regards,


Sara Xayarath Hernández
Graduate School Associate Dean for Inclusion & Student Engagement