What is the policy regarding funded graduate students taking courses in professional degree programs?

Date: November 2017


To whom it may concern,

What is Cornell’s policy regarding funded research degree students taking a course or two that fall under one of the professional degree programs? Is this a possibility, and if so, are there tuition implications given that the professional programs typically charge much higher tuition rates?

Your Sincerely,



Dear Anonymous,

As a funded graduate student in research degree program you may enroll in any courses you wish, provided that you meet the course’s eligibility requirements. Some courses, like those offered by the law or business schools, may be restricted or may give priority to professional students. You’ll find enrollment details in the course catalog entry for each course, or you can contact the appropriate college registrar. Your tuition will not change if you take a course offered by another school or college within Cornell but there may be additional fees for some offerings, like those taught by the athletics and physical education department. It’s also important to note that some courses offered by professional schools have different add and drop dates so be sure you know these in advance. 

Best regards!


Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration and Student Services