What is the process for designating a proxy for my B exam?

Date: February 2019


Dear Graduate School,

I am writing to ask you some questions on finding a proxy for one of my committee members for my B exam:

  1. Do I have to change the member in Student Center via the Graduate School officially?
  2. Does the proxy member also have to read the dissertation, or only attend the oral presentation and leave other assignment to the regular member?
  3. Does the proxy member have to have the same official concentration as the regular member? i.e. if I invite a faculty with the similar research direction as my dissertation, but he is not in the concentration as the regular member, can he serve as a proxy?


Best Regards,

Looking for a Proxy


Dear Looking for a Proxy,

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree and thank you reaching out to Ask a Dean with your questions regarding designating a proxy. You do not need to change the committee member in Student Center but you will need to submit the Designation of Proxy for Exam/Thesis form to the Graduate School along with the Schedule for Final Defense of Ph.D. (B Exam) form when you are ready to schedule your defense. You will specify on the Designation of Proxy form if the proxy member will be attending and signing off of the defense only or also approving your dissertation. The Code of Legislation states that a proxy must represent the same concentration as the regular committee member but exceptions can be made as long as the proxy is a member of the graduate faculty in the same graduate field. Please refer to VI. Academic Program, Section F. Examinations, 4. Faculty Participation in Examinations on page 31-32 in the Code of Legislation for more detail. Please note that the committee chair cannot designate a proxy.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Best of luck to you,


Brenda D’Angelo
Director of Student Services and Registrar