When will GRFs and our live-in family be added to surveillance testing?

Date: October 2021


Dear Deans,

Grad students who work in the undergraduate dorms as graduate resident fellows (GRFs) on West Campus have yet to be added to surveillance testing. This is especially important for our live-in family members, many of whom are not able to access supplemental testing as non-Cornell affiliates. It has been over seven weeks since we have been working on campus as GRFs, yet surveillance testing is still not available. When will GRFs and our live-in family be added to surveillance testing?

Our supervisors on West Campus (house professor-deans and assistant deans) have been working hard in asking the Daily Check team and HR to get us included to no avail. This seems to be a serious oversight, and prompt resolution would be greatly appreciated. We are aware of the opt-in supplemental testing option, but given that Cornell’s COVID model relies on regular testing of everyone with high student contact, GRFs ought to be included in surveillance testing. We want to make sure that we are healthy so that our residents in the dorms and our students in the classroom also remain healthy.


Hoping not to be overlooked


Dear hoping not to be overlooked,

I reached out to the COVID-19 Support Center and have just learned that, effective early next week, GRFs and their families who have NetIDs will be able to opt-into surveillance testing. In fact, all vaccinated employees and graduate students who want to be in scheduled surveillance testing will have the opportunity to sign up. A link for this will be on the Daily Check homepage.

I hope this is helpful.



Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration