Where do I find resources for short term research outside of Cornell?

Date: February 2018



I plan on doing archival research in NYC for about one to two weeks (weekends over the course of two weeks) and plan on writing an article on the archive for a course I am taking this semester. I am wondering if Cornell offers research funds for students that are doing short term research outside of Ithaca?


Grad Student Who Needs a Very Specific Archive


Dear “Grad Student Who Needs a Very Specific Archive”

Cornell does indeed offer travel funding opportunities for both students conducting research in support of their dissertation or thesis and also for students presenting at conferences. Grant information and the application forms can be found in the Conference and Research Travel Grants policy.

The research travel grant competition offers awards of up to $2,000 per student and is intended to finance trips of three to five weeks in duration, but there is flexibility for shorter or longer trips. Priority for these grants is given to doctoral students in support of post-A exam independent research travel, although research master’s students are certainly eligible to apply and routinely receive awards. 



Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration