Why are Cornell Tech Ph.D. students unable to access CAPS services?

Date: March 2022


Dear Deans,

With it being famously hard to find a therapist in NYC, and since CAPS provides therapy via TeleHealth, why are the ~80 Ph.D. students on the Cornell Tech campus in NYC not able to access the fantastic care that CAPS provides? I cannot think of a Ph.D. student anywhere else in the U.S. who doesn’t have access to licensed in-house crisis management therapists (except the ~80 Ph.D. students based at Cornell Tech). During the pandemic, mental health care is especially important for all of us.

-A student in NYC


Dear “A student in NYC,”

Even before the pandemic, access to counseling and mental health services was sometimes constrained because demand was outpacing both the number of providers available within Cornell Health and also within our communities (Ithaca, NYC, Geneva, and elsewhere). This is part of a national trend, but it’s been felt even more acutely by students since the pandemic began about two years ago. Your question is timely. Deans Boor and Morrisett are currently working with university leadership on ways to address mental health needs of graduate students at Cornell Tech. We recognize that more work is needed to develop long-term solutions that effectively meet the needs of Cornell Tech (and all graduate) students.

While additional options are being explored, Cornell Tech students are encouraged to use the breadth of mental health services available in New York City. Mental health resources in NYC that accept student health insurance and virtual mental health counseling resources may be found on the Cornell Tech Student Services NYC Health Resources webpage. Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care also provides referrals for short-term counseling services. Cornell Tech’s Manager of Student Life & Wellness, Daniel Conover, is expanding the wellness resources available in New York City and updating the resources online accordingly. Students who need wellness support or assistance navigating resources may reach out to Daniel by emailing studentwellness@tech.cornell.edu



Janna Lamey
Senior Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life