Why is the Pie with Deans event for first year students only?

Date: October 2016


Dear Deans,

Why is the Pie with Deans event for first year students only? Others like pies and deans as much as first years.


Grad Pie Lover


Dear Grad Pie Lover,

You are right! We have talked about opening this to all students, and we will do it for spring semester.

We had such a good time meeting our incoming 1,200 new graduate and professional students at orientation this year that, as we brainstormed ways to continue the conversation and help new students build connections and community among other new students, we decided that in addition to the Transitions and Perspectives series of Graduate School-sponsored workshops, we would invite new graduate/professional students who wanted to continue the conversations and ask questions to join us in a very non-threatening, fun, delicious forum.

Oh, and I think I worked the word “pie” into my welcome speech at orientation this year, somehow. It certainly wasn’t in my script!

(And to be clear, I’m not baking the pies myself. But here’s a link to a recipe I use when I do bake pies. But I leave out all the sugar.)

Hope to see you soon!



Jan Allen
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs