Will my FY21 stipend be reduced due to measures being taken to address Cornell’s budget deficit?

Date: July 2020


Hello deans,

Last week, Cornell announced additional measures to address Cornell’s FY21 budget deficit. Those actions include reducing staff salaries and wages in contract college units, with reductions up to 5%. I am a Ph.D. student on a teaching assistantship in a contract college. Will my FY21 stipend be reduced?

-Concerned about my stipend


Dear Concerned,

Graduate student assistantships and fellowships are not included in employee pay reductions. For your information, annual reductions range from 0% to 5% based on the rate of annual pay. Annual pay for employee salaries up to $39,999 will experience no reduction. In early spring the university announced that 2020-2021 academic year assistantship stipends would be increased by 3%, following the long term trend of 2-3% annual increases. The university has reaffirmed that there will be no reduction in stipends for graduate students.

Best wishes,

Barbara A. Knuth
Dean of the Graduate School