With inflation and rising gas prices, is it possible Conference Travel Grant funding will be increased?

Date: March 2022


Hi Deans, 

I was happy to see that there are so many increases to the various types of financial support that grad students are eligible for, but I noticed that the Conference Travel Grant funding was not mentioned. With inflation and rising gas prices, is it possible for these rates to go up as well? I know many of us grad students are very excited to attend conferences after several years without the opportunity.


“Ready to Attend Conferences Again”


Dear “Ready to Attend Conferences Again,”

The Graduate School updated and increased the award amounts for conference grants earlier this year so I don’t anticipate we’ll revisit those amounts again right away. Grant amounts are based on a zone map, with travel to nearby states eligible for base amount and further travels qualifying for higher awards up to $700. Unlike many other grant programs that are highly competitive, we commit to funding all eligible Conference Travel Grant applications. We’ll monitor usage carefully in the coming months and determine whether we might be able to increase amounts while staying within our budget. I anticipate a possible surge in conference travel as students are again eager to present their research results in-person. I hope this is the case!



Jason Kahabka
Associate Dean for Administration