Can I list a second advisor on studentcenter for my special committee?


Dear Deans of the Graduate School,

I’m a 2nd year PhD student. I’ve found a major advisor and 2 minor advisors, but I still need a second statistics advisor. I remember I read from somewhere that the deadline to choose committee member is the end of the semester, right? I chose a potential second advisor but only with 70% probability that I will follow him all the way. May select his name on student center temporarily and maybe change later? If so, what is the deadline for change of committee member?

Thank you,

2nd Year PhD Student


Dear 2nd year PhD Student,

Jason Kahabka, associate dean for adminsitration

You are correct that PhD students are required to have a valid special committee by the end of their 3rd semester.  The Graduate School requires that the committee includes a chair and two minor members.  Since you’ve already met this requirement you are in good shape!  You can make changes or additions to your committee until shortly before your A exam so it’s fine to either add the additional member you are considering or to wait until you are more certain. 

More information about committees and deadlines can be found here: