Local Courses on Teaching in Higher Education

Graduate students and postdoctoral associates should be able to enroll in the courses below with instructor permission. Postdoctoral fellows incur tuition when registering through the extramural study program. CU-CIRTL makes a limited number of tuition scholarships available for postdoctoral fellows to enroll in Cornell courses on teaching each semester. Tuition scholarship application (.docx)

Courses Sponsored by the Center for Teaching Innovation and CU-CIRTL

ALS 6014: Theater Techniques for Enhancing Teaching and Public Speaking

This seven-week course uses theater techniques to help graduate students enhance their classroom teaching and public speaking in both formal and informal environments. Using the storytelling and character-development techniques of theatrical improvisation, participants will build decision-making skills and their ability to think creatively under pressure through engaging exercises. The goals for this course are to enhance teaching presence in the classroom, form a learning community, and build the confidence necessary to connect with a variety of audiences in a range of educational settings. Participants will design and present a short talk as a final presentation. (Fall, Spring)

Visual Syllabus (PDF)

ALS 6015: The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education

This course is aimed at graduate students who are currently teaching and preparing for a faculty position in higher education. Course activities cover areas related to effective teaching and professional development as future faculty members in a higher education setting. Students complete an electronic portfolio that documents excellence in teaching and that supports their career, their preparation, and their application for future faculty positions. (Fall, Spring)

ALS 6016: Teaching as Research in Higher Education

This course investigates literature on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and facilitates engagement in teaching as a process of systematic research and iteration within one's own disciplines. Within this academic conversation about the scholarship of teaching and learning and teaching as research, students design and complete their own original research project to inform teaching in their discipline. Pre-requisite: ALS 6015: The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education or equivalent prior coursework with instructor permission. (Spring)

Other Courses

EDUC Courses 
Please see the Education Program website the latest list of graduate courses that may be taken toward a minor in education or for professional development in specific teaching methods.

PHYS 4484/7684: Teaching and Learning Physics

As a companion to the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) program, the Physics department requires this course for all new UTAs, but is also open to any graduate student with an interest in learning more about the practices of teaching physics.

PHYS 7685: Special Topics in Physics - Introduction to Discipline-based Education Research
A new course offered for the first time in Fall 2017. Contact Natasha Holmes (ngh35) for more information.

WRIT 7100: Teaching Writing
The Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines offers this seven-week course for new instructors of Cornell First-Year Writing Seminars. Seminar discussions and readings provide an overview of the teaching of writing within a disciplinary context. Participants develop written assignments designed to be used in their own First-Year Writing Seminars.