Tuition and Costs

At Cornell, tuition varies with field and degree program. Research degrees (MS, MA and PhD) are assessed different tuition rates than professional degrees. Students who receive university assistantships or fellowships generally will receive tuition support from Cornell. If you are not receiving tuition support from Cornell, the tuition rates page will help you budget. Students should anticipate annual increases in tuition and fees.

Reduced Tuition for Advanced Self-Pay Doctoral Students

Although most doctoral students receive financial support from Cornell or outside funding agencies, Cornell has implemented a special program for students who have exhausted their funding commitment and will be paying their own tuition in their 6th or 7thyears of study. The reduced tuition rate is currently $3,500 per academic year ($1,750 per semester). Students approved for reduced tuition will receive a Bursar bill for the full tuition rate each semester; the student’s account will be credited by the college of the student’s special committee chair with a tuition scholarship to bring the balance due (to be paid by the student) to the reduced rate. The student is also responsible for the student activity fee and student health insurance premium. Application form (PDF)

The reduced tuition may not be paid for by department, field, or PI funds and students are ineligible to receive additional Cornell support in future semesters.

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