Local Programs

CU-CIRTL provides both in-person and online professional development and networking opportunities for future faculty. Programming is aimed at graduate students and postdocs, although faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in learning communities on important topics in teaching, research, and mentoring. Both in-person and online programming is available in partnership with the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) and the national CIRTL Network.

CU-CIRTL and the CIRTL Network offer a diverse range of in-person and online programming. View our calendar of events or scroll down for an overview of drop-in campus events, open-attendance online seminars, and courses and other high-engagement activities.

Drop-in campus events: (1-2 hours/week)


Online seminars: (1-2 hours/week)

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    Courses, mini-courses, and symposia (3-10 hours/week):

    Courses and certificate programs:

    • Graduate coursework on teaching (Local) - in parternship with CTI; ALS 6014 in fall, ALS 6015 in fall and spring; ALS 6016 in spring; tuition scholarships available for Postdoctoral Fellows
    • CIRTL courses on teaching (Online) - Various courses and mini-courses: fall, spring, and summer; optional Cornell graduate credit
    • CIRTL MOOCs - Several massive open online courses on STEM teaching, with local discussion groups; fall, spring, summer

    Symposia and institutes:

    • Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Teaching Practice - August, in partnership with CTI

    Since 2015, CU-CIRTL also offers both short-term and high-engagement activities enabling graduate students and postdocs to earn nationally recognized certificates at the level of CIRTL Associate, Practitioner, or Scholar.