CU-CIRTL Outreach Materials

Here you can download outreach materials for use in speaking to Cornell department chairs, current and prospective faculty, graduate student and postdoc groups, and visiting scholars about future faculty programming from the Cornell University Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CU-CIRTL) and the national CIRTL Network.

Spring 2018 CIRTL Offerings

Image of CU-CIRTL Conference Poster

Spring 2018 CIRTL Courses (pdf)


All Spring 2018 CIRTL Programming (pdf)


Presentation Materials

CU-CIRTL Outreach Slides (ppt)


CU-CIRTL Outreach Script (doc)


Image of CU-CIRTL Conference Poster

CU-CIRTL Conference Poster (pdf)



CU-CIRTL Flyer (pdf)


A bi-fold 8.5 x 11" flyer highlighting important information about CU-CIRTL programs and benefits at a glance.


CU-CIRTL Benefits Flyer (pdf)


This flyer lists benefits of participation in CU-CIRTL programs for graduate students and postdocs, and benefits of Cornell's participation in CIRTL for faculty and administrators.


CU-CIRTL Information Sheet (pdf)


Describes mission, audiences, and key ideas of CU-CIRTL and gives contact information.


CIRTL Network Exchange Program Flyer (pdf)


Cornell-specific flyer about purpose of CIRTL Network Exchanges and how advanced graduate students and postdocs may apply for these funded visits to other schools.


Other Materials:

You are encouraged to request paper versions of flyers as well as CU-CIRTL materials such as pens, name tags, and folders by emailing Please include your campus mailing address, what type of materials you would like to receive, and how many of each.