Diversity & Inclusion

Tackling Imposter Syndrome with Emotional Intelligence and Culturally Responsive Practices

During this interactive session, participants will explore the five key skills of emotional intelligence—recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotions—as well as examples of culturally responsive practices. Through narrative, Dr. Simmons will discuss how the intersection of emotionally intelligent and culturally responsive practices can help to tackle impostor syndrome and create equitable and welcoming communities for all.

About Dena Simmons, Ed.D.: 

Campus-Wide Breaking Bread Dinner- In Praise of Adequacy--Reducing the High Stress Culture of Perfectionism: A Mental Health Discussion

In the spirit of diversity, inclusion and dialogue, we invite you to join us for our next Campus-Wide Breaking Bread Dinner to participate in an open dialogue with other members of our community. 
Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

CIRTLCast: Topics in STEMinism - Strategies for Inclusive Undergraduate STEM Education

In this CIRTLCast Semiar series, examine how social and cultural contexts shape the experiences of undergraduate women in STEM. In each week of this series, we will discuss the unique challenges faced by women in their educational trajectories. Despite efforts to broaden participation in STEM over the last few decades, women remain underrepresented in these fields. Across the series, we will explore how equity-oriented, inclusive practices can transform teaching and learning in STEM.


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