Campus-Wide Breaking Bread Dinner

November 1, 2017 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Where: G10 Biotech
Competencies: Personal Development
Registration: Breaking Bread RSVP


In the spirit of diversity, inclusion and dialogue, the “Breaking Bread” initiative invites you to the first community-wide dinner of the 2017-2018 academic year to discuss Communicating Knowledge and Truth by Technology & Social Media: Bridging Generational Divides. Using recent national and global events as a backdrop for this conversation, we invite you to participate in an open dialogue with other members of our community. Our keynote speaker is Drew Margolin, Assistant Professor of Communication. 

Date:               Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Time:              5:00 - 7:00 pm
Location:       G10 Biotech

The Campus-Wide Breaking Bread Dinner is an initiative to bring together senior administrators, students, faculty, staff and other invited guests for facilitated conversations about timely and meaningful topics. The critical dialogue taking place at these dinners is skillfully facilitated by undergraduate and graduate students involved with the Intergroup Dialogue Project. These talented students facilitate meaningful conversations that help Cornell community members work across differences and address issues of concern.

This event is hosted by the Office of the Dean of Students, the Graduate School Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE), the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity and the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity, which are directed by the University Diversity Officers.

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