CIRTL Online Workshop: Faculty Advising in a R1 Setting - What You Need to Know and How to do it Well

April 5, 2018 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Competencies: Teaching
Contact Name: Colleen McLinn, CU-CIRTL Director
Contact email:


Learn about developmental advising and explore how it can help engage and retain all types of students at research-intensive (R1) universities. Given that learning is a social process, relationships—especially those with faculty—are powerful tools that aid in students’ personal and professional development (Baker & Griffin, 2010). 

Participants in this workshop will explore a research-based Guiding Framework for advisor training focused on the following components:
  1. Conceptual: Understanding the context within which advisors work;
  2. Informational: Knowledge that advisors need to do their work;
  3. Relational: Competencies to establish appropriate and effective connections with students;
  4. Technological: Ability to effectively use advising technology and tools; and
  5. Personal: Advisor self-awareness and professional growth.

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