Tuesday Lunch Engagement: Post Racial Realities with F. Michael Higginbotham

September 12, 2017 - 11:45am to 12:45pm
Where: 200 Computing and Communications Center
Competencies: Personal Development


Prof. F. Michael Higginbotham is an internationally renowned expert on matters of Race, Civil Rights, Human Rights and Constitutional Law. His book, Ghosts of Jim Crow: Ending Racism is Post-Racial America, has just been released in paperback.  He is also the author of Race Law: Cases, Commentary, and Questions, which is widely used in colleges and law schools throughout the world.

Ghosts of Jim Crow spells out the stubbornness of racism and why it lingers. Despite progress, the choices that individuals make and the social structures that have been set up result in a continuing gap between the well-being of black and white Americans, he states.  Professor Higginbotham cites a myriad of examples of this in wealth, housing, education, the death penalty, political power, work and social opportunities. These examples are the ghosts of Jim Crow.  The ghosts can be eradicated he believes. Most importantly, Higginbotham offers mechanisms to end racism in America. He’s happy to discuss how.

Accolades for his book include: “A book worthy of a wide audience and wide discussion.” (Kirkus Review); “…an excellent addition as required reading for a university course.” (California Lawyer);  and Publishers Weekly called it “an indispensable perspective… with concrete proposals, that true racial equality remains within reach.”

Professor Higginbotham received his law degree from Yale Law School and a master’s degree in international law from Cambridge University.  He has published articles in Yale Law and Policy Review, Harvard Blackletter Law Journal, New York University Law Review, Columbia University International Law Journal, Boston University International Law Journal, Howard University Law Journal, and University of Illinois Law Review with published opinion editorials in The New York Times, The Chronicle Review, The Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Afro-American and many more.

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